So I have another blog, One Cross Street  where I discuss and share things reflective of Christ and Christian life.

However, anyone who knows me knows that I have a passion and interest in film and comics (and combinations of the two). And that brings me to this blog. I’ve often wanted to post about those things, but don’t find it appropriate for One Cross Street. So now we’re here.

Why 2099 A.D.? For anyone who reads comics (or about comics history) may remember Marvel’s 2099 imprint from the early 90s where they had future versions of regular characters – it was imprint I found to be a lot of fun. Also, Doom 2099 looked absolutely gangster (annnnd they had a big event which marked 2099 A.D., meaning After Doom). Unnecessary answer? Unnecessary answer.

Seriously, so gangster.

Expect more posts soon, especially one about the excellent new film Logan.

God bless my friends.


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