Wonder Woman was wonderful.

Some titles just write themselves. Wonder Woman is easily the best film of the DCEU, but it deserves a better compliment than that, because frankly that's not a challenge (Man of Steel was the only one that has been alright so far). Wonder Woman on the other hand  was a really good movie, as well as... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery

So the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery was released...and...eh, it didn't win me over any more to the show. It probably made me less excited for it actually. Not that it's a bad trailer (it was alright...and MAN are there bad trailers out there...which after The Force Awakens trailer (amazing trailer that only showed things... Continue Reading →

My current top 10 comic book movies

So this post is based on a list I shared awhile back on instagram - but now I'm gonna talk about why they are ranked this way.  Now upfront this isn't a top 10 Marvel list (which I might make sometime) and features films from various franchises. It also doesn't contain any animated movies -... Continue Reading →

Kong: Skull Island 

  With the exception of the original King Kong vs Godzilla (and Toho's later King Kong Escapes), we have gotten (for the most part) the same King Kong movie since the original was released in 1933 - the most recent coming from Peter Jackson in 2005. The most refreshing thing about Kong Skull Island is... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Zelda

So I've been on two kicks recently - one of them being The Legend of Zelda. It's a fun fantasy franchise, with some great story, excellent music, and even better games. I'll be honest, I've only played two games, and both were great; Ocarina of Time and it's sequel Majora's Mask. Both were on the... Continue Reading →

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Body

Get the box of tissues ready when you watch this episode - which you should do sometime. There's not much that can be said about this episode that hasn't been already said - it is simply excellent yet heartbreaking television. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a fantasy show (with a scifi heavy forth season) dealing... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: Darth Vader

I cannot possibly rave about this series enough. It does so much so well, introducing great new material to the Star Wars canon, redeeming the menace lost to Darth Vader from the prequels - all while addressing some and tying into the better and key elements of those stories. Let's dive in shall we (potential... Continue Reading →

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